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  • VG has experience on more than 300 high-performance building projects
  • We’ve been working with LEED for more than a decade
  • Our team member credentials include: LEED BD+C, LEED ID+C, LEED GA, and Legacy LEED AP
  • Our team has broad experience with all major LEED Rating Systems including New Construction (BD+C), Commercial Interiors (ID+C), and Existing Buildings (EBOM)



LEED Projects



LEED Services

LEED is complex enough to have created a seat at the design table for sustainability consultants — us! Contact us regarding any LEED rating system, and we’ll walk you through the process, and our role advising and guiding the team as LEED project managers.

Do you like the idea of gaining the efficiencies created by LEED, like energy and water savings, but don’t want to pay for the plaque on the wall? As expert LEED and green building consultants, we’ll advise on high performance building design, no pesky GBCI fees involved.

Commissioning (Cx) is a LEED prerequisite, meaning it’s required to LEED certify your project at all. The Cx process is like quality control for your building systems (HVAC, lighting, domestic hot water, renewable energy, etc.) — we make sure everything was installed correctly.

Energy modeling is required on LEED for new construction projects, and also the most effective way to increase the energy performance of your building. There’s a reason the most points available on the LEED Scorecard are in the energy category.

GC’s have so much on their plates, they often prefer to outsource LEED data collection from their subs, and LEED credit documentation, to the experts — us! We work with LEED every day so it’s more efficient for us to take on this scope than the GC team.


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  • Most widely used third-party rating system for green buildings, with around 1.85 million square feet certified daily
  • Developers and Owners choose LEED because the process demonstrates leadership, innovation, and environmental stewardship. LEED certification is a strong marketing brand
  • LEED projects save energy and water thereby reducing operating expenses
  • The average LEED project ENERGY STAR score is 89 points out of a possible 100


LAX Terminal Cores

September 29, 2020
Services: LEED v4/v4.1 Construction Phase Project Management (BD+C Targeting Silver) Location: Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Los Angeles, CA Area: 279,135...
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Protected: Redondo Beach Transit Center

September 29, 2020
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JLL Irvine Office

July 17, 2020
Services: LEED v4 Project Management (Targeting ID+C Gold) Location: Irvine, CA Area: 34,200 square feet Client: H. Hendy Architects /...
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Los Angeles Southwest College Student Union Building

June 17, 2020
Services: LEED v4 Project Management (Targeting BD+C Silver Certification) LEED Energy Modeling LEED Daylight Modeling Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Location: Los...
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California Conservation Corps Fortuna Center

April 21, 2020
Services: LEED v4 Project Management (Targeting BD+C  Silver Certification) CALGreen and LEED Commissioning (Cx) LEED Energy Modeling Net Zero Consulting...
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PCL Glendale District Office

January 24, 2020
Photo Courtesy of PCL. Tom Bonner Photography. Services: LEED v4 Project Management (ID+C Silver Certification) CALGreen Commissioning LEED Fundamental, and...
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Chinatown College Station

November 11, 2019
Services: CALGreen Commissioning (Cx) LEED v4 Feasibility Assessment Location: Los Angeles, CA Area: 1,141,813 square feet Client: Johnson Fain Owner: Atlas Capital Group MEP...
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City of LA Personnel & Water Reclamation Facility

November 11, 2019
Services: LEED v4 Feasibility Analysis (BD+C: New Construction Targeting Platinum) Location: Los Angeles, CA Area: TBC Client/Owner: Lehrer Architects /...
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